The Beginning of my Journey

Part 1 – Day 1

My name is Kitty, I’m 18 years old, I’ve just left Upper School and keen to get into the Media Industry. Who’d have thought I’d be standing very nervously, next to a stunning superstar Katherine Jenkins only after leaving school only a few days earlier!

I found out about Tailwind Media through a personal friend. It was amazing to find that they’re practically on my doorstep and not in London where I thought all production companies were based. I contacted them regarding a work placement opportunity as soon as I could. They were interested in giving me the opportunity to do work experience for two weeks.

When I first thought about starting with Tailwind my expectations were quite high in the sense that I assumed every aspect of their day would be challenging, and for me, new things would be learned and I’d be completing a variety of tasks daily.

On my first day of work experience I was given the incredible opportunity of going on a shoot with Katherine Jenkins. I started the day by setting up some of the equipment (taping down cables for health and safety which I hadn’t thought about before, and also making sure the mic stand was secure). I stepped on set so the camera operator could set up the positioning of the 4K camera and the producer could test the sound.  I was also in charge of the clapper board which I found exciting because it was a new experience for me, as well as using the new piece of equipment- the 360 camera. Everyone on shoot was so lovely and welcoming to me, this made me feel right at home and I found the whole experience so enjoyable.

I can appreciate the time and effort that went into the planning and pre-production of this shoot and I’d imagine the same, maybe even more would go into other projects. I already have a slight insight to how shoots are produced and I’m so excited about the idea of learning more procedures to give me a clearer view on the whole process.

When I complete these two weeks I hope to gain experience in the media environment and understand how everything works professionally, I’d imagine it is very different to how we operated in the media department at sixth form and that’s what I’m most excited about. In two weeks’ time I’ll update this blog and give you my overall view of how it went spending time with the Tailwind team.


Part 2 – Day 14

So it’s my last day of work experience and I can honestly say I have enjoyed working here so much and I have learnt so many new things. My expectations of how Tailwind operates were as I’d imagined them to be, I have seen the processes the team goes through when communicating with clients and I can understand how much time goes into the planning of projects.

From only being here two weeks, I have learnt so much more than I ever did while I was at school and I was doing media for 5 years; I’m so grateful for being given this opportunity to learn new things and to be a part of the Tailwind team. I was taught up on the Canon C300 camera and got the chance to film and edit the ‘How To Find Us’ video which I found so exciting; I’ve only just left school and a video I created is going to be sent to clients! That’s a big deal for me and I’m so happy I was given this chance to show and develop my skills.

My skills were pushed to a higher standard in the matter of a couple days and I don’t believe I would get that opportunity anywhere else. I am a lot more confident in terms of setting up a camera and knowing what different angles you can use to make shots look really interesting. My range of camera angles has definitely been broadened and I’ve learnt a lot about what works on camera and what doesn’t. This has made the way I think about filming change because I’m always conscious of how the shot looks and if it will be interesting to the viewer or not. My editing skills were also pushed and I was shown a variety of new things that I picked up on very quickly.

Overall I have enjoyed working in such a friendly environment while editing two Tailwind Training videos which I loved doing, as well as completing a range of admin tasks. The Tailwind team were so welcoming to me and I really hope this will lead me to a future in media.