The Making Of: Imagine Cruising

We spent last year working with Imagine Cruising on how they could approach teleshopping, and you can bet we were more than a little excited. However, creating a high-quality TV programme wasn’t as easy as just ‘lights, camera, action’.


Pre-Production & Virtual Set Creation
Any TV programme production needs to abide by strict legal, national broadcast and advertising guidelines. This being the case, before we could shoot a single frame we spent weeks designing and planning every second of the programme from script to digital concepts. After lots of tweaking, earlier this month we could start making this concept a reality. We started by using our visualisations to create a photo-real, digital 3D set for our actors.


A Relatively Minimal Set Experience
Requiring just two presenters, one camera and a couple of makeup artists, life on set was a very intimate affair. Filmed in front of a green screen, we used a single 4K camera to capture a full body shot that in post-production could be easily zoomed in to create our close-ups. Our presenters, Alastair and Michelle, are seasoned veterans and effortlessly brought Imagine’s products to life, however they also had to interact with that huge picture frame behind them!


It’s all in the Post-Production
Our first stage was green-screen removal. With this out of the way we were then free to begin adding our actors into our digital studio environment, lighting them appropriately and creating their CGI shadows. Next in the process was the banner designs and branding followed by all the on-screen text, images and legal disclaimers. We think the finished results were nothing short of fantastic.