Work Experience at Tailwind Media

I had a great opportunity try to work with a great media production company Tailwind in London. I was so lucky, because my first experience I had with them was on an interview with German footballer Michael Ballack. It was my first connection with proper shoot. From the first day I have learnt a little bit from shooting: from recording on camera, I was helping with equipment like lighting, headphones, tripods and the green screen. Of course, it was great opportunity meet Michael as well!

My first week was based with the guys in Tailwind’s London office, and I was helping with research as they was working on big pitch. I was also helping with subtitling for a current project, and learning bits from the team. I helped organised equipment storage, where I had an opportunity see lots of equipment and understand what each does. They showed me how to do camera check, so that all the settings between the cameras matched when they were used on the same shoot.

After my week with them, I was able to go and help with the Dixons project that was now going into production. This was over three days, and was very much like shooting an advert. I learnt so much in those three days, as a runner helping Michelle look after the crew, talent and clients. I was also able to understand how the equipment was being set up in between shots.

This has been a great opportunity for me and I am very thankful for it. Tailwind Media people are great team to work with: professional, patient, but also friendly and funny. I would be great to work with them again in the future, and I’d certainly recommend this as a great learning opportunity if you are looking at getting into video production.


Patricia Pivovarnikova, New Media Professional

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