The Six Stains of Christmaas

When given a brief by a client, you generally have to go through the idea generation process with one eye on how you are eventually going to make each one. Not many projects call for an explosion or car chase, however they can still be just as challenging to execute when working under the restrictions of deadlines and/or within a specific budget. The ultimate goal at Tailwind is that you create an end product which masks these restrictions from the client and the eventual audience… we also just love a challenge.

We recently undertook a project for Dr. Beckmann called the Six Stains of Christmas. This was an ambitious pitch in that we were offering to make 6x 40-50 second videos, to be put together within two weeks. Once the initial panic from myself (the producer of this project) had subsided we set about pre-production, the most important aspect of which was the shotlist… the saviour of the day. On a single film, you can sometimes get away with not having one, however shooting six separate films on a single day and out of sequence… it had to be airtight.

By the time the shooting day arrived, we had everything in place with just the small task of capturing everything. What could go wrong? Thankfully… very little! Besides one smashed wine glass (but we won’t dwell on this).

To get all six films shot on a single day, we couldn’t dally in between shots, so we had to keep the energy up. The best way to do this is to keep everyone happy and comfortable. We had production assistants and runners at hand to make sure areas were kept clean, actors remained fed and watered, lots of tea and coffee’s doing the rounds, giving the actors breaks when not needed for certain scenes and did I mention lots of tea and coffee?

We also restricted ourselves to just two takes per shot, which again helped keep the pace up and meant we focused entirely on getting exactly what we needed.

Keeping everyone onside throughout the day was what allowed us to finish this shoot, it meant everyone was willing to chip in to get things done and we all had fun whilst we did it (see the Behind the scenes). We think the end results speak for themselves having just rolled out on Dr. Beckmann’s Facebook page. Once again, (giving ourselves a pat on the back) we overcame a multitude of challenges to create a set of films for another happy client… Just in time for Christmas!