Pringles 25th Birthday

Wolf have teamed up with Kellogg’s brand Pringles to celebrate their 25th birthday. The celebrations will include an exclusive live gig with singer Olly Murs, which will take place on 19 May.

Life’s a Beach | Currys PC World

Part of our summer campaign where ‘Tech Meets Life’ – a play on how our social media lives are often very different compared with the reality. This is a 4-part series of films for social media, a follow-up to the very successful Spring campaign which achieved the highest levels of engagement ever seen by the client’s audience.

Change Programme | Arcadia

Behind the scenes with the team on one of our largest projects to date: Arcadia’s A Sale Is A Sale.

The ‘A Sale is a Sale’ programme was designed to maximise employee engagement across head offices and stores with the changes that the Arcadia Group are making to maximise customer engagement and experience in the ever changing and fast paced era of multi-channel retailing.

We produced a suite of four films ranging from green screen to heavy motion graphics, and involved an extensive series of shoots across the country. The production was completed early Spring and was one of our biggest to date, being shared with more than 40,000 employees across the UK.​

Andrew Bisson, Transformation Director said: “We selected Tailwind on their ideas and creative pitch. Their impressive dedication to delivering what they promised was key to the success of the overall project.”

Then To Now | Dixons Carphone

Then And Now is a great example of using modern production techniques to create a high-end promotional film.

Shot in a London studio, we created individual set slices and employed motion control to allow us to seamlessly transition between decades. Dixons Carphone were looking to evoke an emotional response to how you feel when watching milestone sporting moments, and our actors had to reflect that notion. This film was rolled-out across their network for display in stores across the country.

Chris Brown, Senior Marketing Manager at Dixons Carphone said: “The goal of the film was to demonstrate in an engaging way that while the way we feel when we watch sport, the emotions and the anticipation have not changed over the decades, the way we watch our favourite sports has. The aim was to create something to mark the start of the Rugby World Cup and to show the incredible technology we have on offer for watching sports. The film was used within our website, stores and our social media channels and was a big hit with audiences thanks to memories it evoked and the creative way it changed through the eras. Tailwind were, as ever, fantastic to work with and completely over delivered for us.”

Spring Tech Sonos | Dixons

One of a three-part film series for Dixons Carphone based around the way we use technology and social media to present an alternative sense of our reality.

Bridget Meiring, social media marketing manager at Dixons Carphone, said: “Social video is allowing us to generate superb quality, emotive dialogue between our brand and social media communities.

Tailwind helped us to produce a series of humorous videos, as part of an integrated marketing campaign that perfectly demonstrates our understanding of how technology influences the lives of our customers. The results have showed our best ever engagement rate on a video series on Facebook.”

Know Your Waste | Waste Matters

Highly stylised, this short promo film is a good example of how to make a tricky subject a little more interesting. Our brief here was to create a spoof 1940s/50s film, designed to introduce a new product into the market to help businesses, hotels and schools comply with new regulations from 2015.