It’s been a long journey so far

After stumbling bleary eyed out of university in 2010 I was faced with the question that 99% of graduate’s face. What now? With a BSc in Film Production and Music Technology (I couldn’t decide what to major in so did both), I had entered the ever-swelling pool of creatives desperately seeking work within a seemingly closed industry. So, I did what the majority of my other friends who had graduated had done, I got a job in retail and hoped that the tirade of lovingly crafted CV’s and cover letters sent every week with ever diminishing hope that I would get, well…anywhere.

The truth is that I had focused my efforts purely on the capital. For my university colleagues who were fortunate to live within London, most could find work and travel easily whilst I, living in the home counties would be saddled with a crippling yearly travelcard expense and an hour train, each way, every day.

It was then I discovered the community of filmmakers and freelancers in my local area that led me to work with several tutors at the local college which in turn led me to landing a job for 4 years as the technician for the Media department, in charge of maintaining equipment and looking after student’s production needs.

Fast forward to the start of 2017 and I begin at Tailwind Media as an Assistant Producer. Unbeknownst to me and right under my nose there was a successful visual communication agency just down the road in St.Neots which moved offices to Thurleigh, Bedfordshire on the day I started.

The first two days consisted of moving all the St Neots office to the new one next to Millennium Studios and a short drive down the A6. Initially I was nervous about starting the new job but Senior Producer Rob and Creative Director Aaron have made me feel right at home from the start and having that soft ‘reset’ of moving office meant everyone was walking into a new environment together.

Now over a month into my new position it’s been a full hands-on learning experience, being sent out on assignments and shoots every week all over the country. The tasks themselves have been just as diverse, dealing with large conferences for major worldwide brands to the planning and pitching process for new clients. I have learnt so much in such a short amount of time from getting to grips with their Canon C300 and Panasonic AF101s to the process of dealing with clients and projects.

Whilst aware of the challenges ahead I was sent to a conference shoot quite early on, tasked with overseeing the logistics through to working with clients and two full days of shooting. Despite nerves and the challenging nature of filming live events, I had the full support of the whole Tailwind team. The benefit of working in a smaller scale company is the collaborative relationship you enjoy with working with less people, being able to bounce off ideas without being lost within a large employment structure. Everyone here at Tailwind is a professional and treats you just the same whilst remaining ahead of the game in learning and development of new strategies in visual communication.

So far working at Tailwind has been a friendly and fantastic opportunity to develop myself and my skillset to produce great content and I look forward to seeing what the future holds here. With video, the possibilities are endless and with the array of clients and work that Tailwind deals with every month my journey is far from over.

Andrew, Assistant Producer